Wednesday, November 03, 2010

2010 midterm election

These are articles I biasedly choose to read recently.  To me it is very true that everyone was born equal: the politics in USA is just the same as everywhere else while "we the people" are just as "easily irritated/influenced" as everyone else.

What the Secret Donors Want

The Focus Hocus-Pocus by Paul Krugman

Midwest at Dusk by David Brooks

The Day After the Day After by Gail Collins

Mr. Obama, It’s Time for Some Poetry by Nicholas Kristof

How Obama Saved Capitalism and Lost the Midterms by Timothy Egan

To Save Money, Save the Health Care Act by Peter Orszag

Democrats Outrun by a 2-Year G.O.P. Comeback Plan by Jim Rutenberg and Jeff Zeleny

A reader's response to one of the columns:

In 2 years time, will a Tea Party activist who sees better Health Care for a dying parent realize that President Obama might have done some good with health care reform? Will the Wall Street banker appreciate the booming economy that is based on real small business growth, putting the days of financial wizardry behind them? Will the middle-class family be better off when their child, who was able to get reasonable student loans from the government, can stay on the family health care until 26? Will the soldier appreciate not being sent to war in a nation that we had no business fighting in? When the soldier can also discuss his sexual orientation without fear of reprimand? Will the bloggers appreciate the trove of government information now in the public domain?

Those expecting a liberal, progressive dawning of America with the election of Barack Obama were only fooling themselves with their own hopes. The fact is President Obama has been doing great things for the future of America while focusing very little on the short-term political benefits of his actions. I wonder how many of his supporters actually check out the White House website and blog on a regular basis or if the majority of them just find out about his presidency through watching MSNBC and reading liberal blogs?

We are a fickle people in America, not because we change our minds, but because we refuse to evolve our thinking and reconsider our actions. So many supported President Obama so vehemently during the campaign in 2008, yet today are so often disappointed because they found out he wasn't exactly what they hoped he would be.

Well, it is time to wise up and support our President and country at this time of great challenge. We should not be looking for "hope" and "change" in our personal hopes and dreams, but we must have hope in a better future for ourselves, our nation, and our planet, even if it ends up being more than two years away.

These times might not be as dire as the times that try mens soles in 1776, but a great deal of similarities exhaust between then and now. I suppose we shall see if we as a nation are better or worse at being patriots than we were at the founding of the nation.

"I see no real cause for fear. I know our situation well, and can see the way out of it."