Saturday, January 28, 2006

Jan 28, 2006 PUCL with Attila and Paul

Half year ago, in an email to Purdue University meantioned four people: two good friends who are big professors in Germany and United States respectively, one postdoc and one small rookie gradudate student.

Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 22:24:53 -0400 [06/12/2005 10:24:53 PM EST]
From: J. Paul Robinson
To: Wei-Lin Bee
Subject: Re: tissue cytometry?
Priority: normal
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actually I am good friends with Attila tarnok who wrote hte
article and his top postdoc is currently spending 2 years in
my lab!!! And on top of that, we just got a big NIH
instrumentation grant for an imaging system - we are
considering the compucyte and some others as well.

This is failrly complex stuff - but lets see.

regards to Peter

Kind regards

Today they are getting together among their toys: three different laser scanning cytometers.
right to left: J Paul Robinson, Attila Tarnok, Dominik Lenz and me.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

100 YD interception

Handing over the crown -- Jan 14, 2005

New England's three-peat bid came to a screeching halt Saturday as the Patriots fell to the host Denver Broncos 27-13 in a divisional playoff game. It was New England's first playoff loss since 1998, and it halted an NFL-record 10-game postseason winning streak. Uncharacteristic mistakes doomed the Patriots, who turned the ball over five times after losing it a total of six times during their record-setting playoff run. "It's disappointing when you look back at the game and you realize how many points we just laid up on a silver platter," said quarterback Tom Brady, whose third-quarter interception in the end zone was returned 100 yards by Champ Bailey for what might have been the game's most crucial play. "You're never going to win when you do that, especially on the road." David Givens scored New England's lone touchdown midway through the fourth quarter.

Tonight was not set for New England Patriots nor Tom Brady. Totally 2 interceptions and at least 3 fumbles along with one missing field goal got hurts! Especially a crazy 100-yard sprint by Denver's star cornerback #24 Champ Bailey that helped the Broncos stop their long streak of playoff futility and bring the New England dynasty to an end.

I watched that ball...and was moved by that play also...Champions don't go down easily, though, and tight end Ben Watson wasn't quitting. Watson took an angle, and with Bailey slowing and bringing the ball down to his hip, Watson got there, knocked Bailey down and sent the ball flying out of bounds at the 1. Even though few seconds later Mike Anderson scored his second 1-yard touchdown of the night, never give up is the only nice thing I won't forget.

Everyone hungers for success and championship, doesn't matter how many rings are worn on the fingers or you are still looking for the first one. Fewer mistakes and never give up are the key for it!


Monday, January 02, 2006

2005 August Chih-Heng in Alaska

photo courtesy of Chih-Heng...Oh...this photo is too small...I will try another one

How about this one?

this one? are very welcome to Chih-Heng' album