Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wedding Salon photos

Hello, my friends. Here are the Wedding Salon photos taken in Taipei, March 2006. Esing and I won't want to miss your attendance in our wedding ceremony in

城中牧區, 台北市寧波東街九巷四號 TEL:(02)2393-0705 on AM10:00, Sat. Dec. 30, 2006.

and the banquet in

PM1:00 (the same day) at 台北豪園飯店,台北市松山區敦化北路232號 (水晶廳)


If I haven't yet emailed you, please forgive me and feel free to send us a short message your Chinese names, telephones and address to (Don't need translate into English....unless you lived in US) Since we haven't met you for a long long time, we are really hoping to having all of you for those few hours, please consider attending both ceremony and banquet. If you really can't make it banquet, please tell us. (including one page of explanation, 12 font, single spacing...)

For example:

Chinese Name 1:老虎蜜蜂(Tiger Bee)
Chinese Name 2:你小心(Lee, Siau Sing)