Friday, June 10, 2005

Happy Birthday !!

One year ago, Boston Red Sox baseball team still struggled with Bambino's curse and waiting for their World series title for 86 years, Chien-Ming Wang was still a minor leaguer in the farm of New York Yankees, Pope John Paul II was still in charge in Vatican, those grade school students in Xian, China were still waiting for their Grandpa Lien from Taiwan and I have no idea how long I can stay in the States and where I am going for my next step. Having a birthday cake with the groupmates this noon, I have the answer. Nothing lasts forever, but GOD's love stands forever with us no matter where we are. Although stupid president Bush won his second round and still there in White House which is not good and no change at all.

There’s no doubt that God knows us very well much better than do our parents and ourselves. It’s not true if you say I am always enjoying doing whatever new and can easily be transferred to whole new environment. I didn’t notice that I do scare when I am really alone until I am here and have to present who I am, what I have and show what I can do the very first day visit my supervisor while everything is unknown to me. God answers my fear and worry. Two days right before I came to the States, He sent Carson who is one of 80 graduate students been sent abroad last year and only one here in MIT to the same laboratory I joined as an exchange student. Last week he finished his project here and went back Taiwan for his thesis defense this coming July. During this period of time I learned a lot from him whose expertise is exactly what we are doing in this laboratory. Not only he but also all the post doctoral fellows as well as graduate students are very kind to me. Several times when they know I almost run out of money, they “happened to” bring extra food such that I can “eat together”. Last December the financial crisis has been released by Peter, my supervisor, who gave me more than I expected personally and promised to support me till I get stipend from the school I choose for my further study.

In the ball turf, I won 4 games for Biological Engineering Division as a softball pitcher. Oh, let us keep secret I also lost 3 other games and I was waiting for my first hit till the 4th game. I can’t forget the last game I played here in semifinal for conference title in playoff which we can get the championship if we win two more games. Unfortunately I gave up 5 runs in 2 innings and we lost that game as well as whole season. It is pity I can’t tell my grand son like “when I was young, I beat MIT students and got the championship…” But I was so impressed that students here are really smart and energetic not only in academic but also in any sport they play. I saw many MLB-level (Major League Baseball) nice plays like diving stop and sliding catch.

This mid-August I will attend Biomedical Engineering Department in Purdue University for my PhD study with Dr. Robinson who is also very good guy and famous in flow cytometry. It is pity I have to say goodbye to my labmates and brothers and sisters in Park Street Church before I want to. I was trying to stay in MIT as a graduate student as well as other top schools, like Johns Hopkins, UCSD or Case Western Reserve. I tried hard to knock the doors; however, unfortunately I can’t make it. I was upset somehow, but I didn’t lose my mind because I know I am blessed and actually I already won the attention and encouragement from some big heads including Dr. Paul C. Lauterbur in UIUC, who is 2003 Nobel Prize laureate in physiology and medicine. For a rookie in this area, how surprise it should be to get such encouragement! It’s hard to say what will happen tomorrow, just do what we have to do today and enjoy the work and life God gave us.

In my 31-year old birthday and 1st-year old birthday in the States, I would like to give thanks to God who protects me and gives me much more than what I have ever dreamed while praying the Lord helps sustain me always hunger in searching the truth and serving Him in my career as well as in the church rather than winning the earthly honors and wealth. Everyone has different story and history to tell. Keep going and write your own chapters to be witness to our Lord Jesus Christ. This is my first page in the States.

Tiger in Red Sox city 2005/6/10