Saturday, April 29, 2006

4-29-2006 Texas storm tosses planes around

Texas storm tosses planes around Read

(CNN) -- Tornadoes and thunderstorms brought high winds, hail and floods to east Texas on Saturday after Friday night storms ripped through homes and tossed airplanes into each other at an airport near the Oklahoma border.
There were no reports of injuries as the severe weather pushed eastward, the National Weather Service said.
A total of five tornadoes were reported in Polk, Harris, Liberty and Hardin counties, all east of Houston, the weather service said. (Watch the aftermath of the storm, with planes left on top of each other -- 3:20)
The weather service reported that thunderstorms wreaked havoc, as well, tearing off roofs from homes near Liberty, tossing around a travel trailer near Segno and felling trees and power lines near Kountze, Rye and Cedar Bayou.
The storms followed a windy Friday night in north Texas, where baseball-size hail cause two injuries and widespread damage to business and homes.
Cooke County emergency management coordinator Ray Fletcher said it was a "pretty intense evening" as crews spent the night assessing damage and making sure no one was trapped in their homes.
Fletcher said straight-line winds destroyed a handful of homes and damaged as many as 30 more. Windows were blown out and trees struck houses and roofs.
Businesses, including Gainesville Municipal Airport, were hit as well. Doors were blown off two hangars and about six aircraft were damaged. There also was flash flooding.
Two major communities in the 40,000-population county were struck -- Gainesville and Lindsay. Cooke County is north of Dallas near the Oklahoma border.

Planes on the ground were tossed around Friday night about by high winds at an airport in Gainesville, Texas.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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Can you read this?

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