Friday, December 02, 2005

TigerBee's Resume

2005.8- PhD Program: Biomedical Engineering Department, Purdue University,USA.Cytometry Laboratories Supervisor: J. Paul Robinson, PhD
1. Slide Based Cytometry for Diagnosis of Hematological Diseases
2. 32-channel Polycomponent Laser Scanning Cytometry
3. multispectral imaging of small animals for cancer detection
4. A Next-Generation Ophthalmoscope for Detection and Classification of Eye Diseases

2003 JAVA/Oracle Certificate Program:Institutes for Information Industry, Taipei.

1999-2000 PhD Program:Chemical Engineering Department, National Tsing-Hua University ,Taiwan(Finish the first year of doctorial-degree program) Supervisor:I-Ming Chu, PhD
1997-1999 MS:Chemical Engineering Department, National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan. Supervisor: Maw-Ling Wang, PhD
1993-1997 BS:Chemical Engineering Department, National Chung-Hsin University, Taiwan. Supervisor: Hsin-Cheng Chiu, PhD

2004.6-2005.8 Research Affiliate, Biological Engineering Division, MIT, USA. and Cancer Research Center, MIT Supervisor: Peter So, PhD, Jianzhu Chen, PhD

2004.3-2004.5 Bioinformatics Lecturer,Institute for Information Industry,Taipei.
2004.1-2004.6 Bioinformatician, Business Development Organization, DigiGenomics.Co.,Ltd., Taipei. Project subject:Anti-SARS Knowledgebase Management System
2003.10-2003.12 Bioinformatician, Proteomics Core Facility, Academic Sinica,Taiwan.
1999.10-2000.3 Research Fellow, Control-Release Lab, Biomedical Engineering Center, Industrial Technology Research Institutes of Taiwan
1999.9-2000.3 Research assistant,Dr. Shiu’s Crop, National Center of High Performance of Computing, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan
1999.6-1999.9 Research assistant, R&D Department, Caleb Pharmaceuticals Inc., Taiwan.
1997.6-1999.10 Research assistant, Laboratory Diagnosis on Biochemistry Division, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan

- Chemistry:Multi-phase catalysis kinetics, polymer synthesis
- Physics:non-linear optics
- Histology:immunohistochemistry,tissue in situ hybridization.
- Pathology:immunopathology
- Pharmaceuticals:liposome drug delivery system design
- Bioinformatics:SRS (Sequence Retrieval database query System),image-based tissue cytometry.
- Instrumentation:two-photon microscopy,confocal microscopy,DNA microarray,tissue microarray
- IT:Java, Visual C++, Oracle, multisepctral image process

2000.7-2000.9 Chairman,Dai-Lee Re-Construction Corps after 921-Earthquake, National Association of Search and Rescue, Taiwan
1999.7-2000.7 Chairman, Youth Fellowship, Victory Church, Hsin Chu, Taiwan.
1998.9-1999.7 Chairman,Chemical Engineering Department, National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan.
1996.9-1997.6 Member, Alumni Club, National Chung-Hsin University, Taiwan

1.Maw-Ling Wang and Wei-Lin Bee(2000/8/20-24) S-Alkylation of 2-Mercapto- benzinidazole Under Triphase Catalysis, 220th ACS National Meeting, Washington, D.C.(Accepted for presentation)
2.Wei-Lin Bee, Tim Ragan, Peter T.C.So(2005/2/12-16)Multicolor Tissue Gene Expression Cytometry,49th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, Long Beach,CA(Accepted for presentation).
3.Wei-Lin Bee, Tim Ragan, Peter T.C.So(2005/9/28-2005/10/1)Multicolor Tissue Cytometry,2005 BMES (Biomedical Engineering Society)Fall Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD (Accepted for presentation).

SCJP, Sun Certificate for Java Programming, 2003

Academic families:
Tiger Bee
-1992 Peter T. C. So PhD , 1969 Enrico Gratton PhD
-1983 Joseph Paul Robinson PhD


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